🪙Buy Ethereum (ETH)

Section 3: Funding your wallet

Exchanging your currency to Ethereum

First off we need to exchange your currency into Ethereum. For this guide we will be buying Ethereum from Coinbase.

1.) Go to https://coinbase.com and create an account by clicking the Create Account button. If you already have an existing Coinbase account, skip this step.

2.) Log in to your Coinbase account. Click the Buy/Sell button to open the Buy/Sell interface.

3.) You may be prompted to validate your identity. Follow the steps prompted and wait for your account to be validated before being able to purchase Ethereum. This should take only a few minutes.

4.) From the Buy tab, you should have the option to purchase a crypto currency using your own money. Select one time purchase and set Ethereum on the buy panel.

5.) Click Buy Ethereum button and it should load Ethereum to your account in a few minutes.

Transferring the Ethereum from your Coinbase account to Metamask

After you are able to buy Ethereum from Coinbase, you must then transfer it to your crypto wallet so you can begin transacting. As with section 1, we will be using Metamask as the wallet for this guide.

1.) Click Send/Receive on the top of your Coinbase Dashboard.

2.) Open your Metamask wallet and copy your wallet's address by clicking the copy button beside your wallet's address. This is where we will be sending the Ethereum from our Coinbase account.

3.) Go back to Coinbase and fill up the Form by entering the amount, selecting Ethereum on the Pay with panel and paste in your wallet address to the To field.

4.) Depending on Network traffic, the transfer process should take several minutes. Metamask will prompt you with a notification once your funds have been received.

In closing

That's all there is to it! you now have Ethereum in your wallet that you can use for variety of purchases within Web3 apps! In the next section, we'll touch on common crypto lingo's, see you there!

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