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Academy City App

We are developing the Academy City App as the bedrock of where the Kyūsen maidens will be simulated. It will serve many functionalities that we hope will not only get us closer to our goals but also benefit the entirety of the Kyūsen community.
First and foremost, the App serves as the NFT project's gallery where everyone will be able to see each Kyusen Maiden and their attributes. As with any other gallery it has the default suite of features such as rarity search, attribute filtering, token # searching and contract information.
Along with the default features, the app also features a share function that holders can use to flex their Kyusen Maidens to their favorite social media platform. Share on Twitter when your Kyusen Maiden is at the beach, who knows what'll happen?

As an NFT Simulator

The second and critical function of the app is to run the simulation of each nft's activities in a 24/7 basis.
During simulations, there will be regular autonomous and guided decision making where each NFT's personality will dictate their simulated activities on the app. The holder will be able to help shape the characteristics and personality of their NFT. It's also possible that after a major story event, the NFT's artwork may also be updated.

As a Foundation for the Future

As we've stated, the app will be a sandbox where we and the community can play around with ideas, research and experiments to further our goals. It will also be the hub of events where we can celebrate everything we love about anime.
All story events that happen will reflect the simulation, interactions and visual fidelity of the app. An alien invasion may change downtown or an all-out school vs. school brawl may turn the entire city into a warzone, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

The Metaverse and Decentralization

To know more about our plans for Academy City with regards to the metaverse and decentralization, please see our idea incubator.