💼Wallet Setup

Section 1: Choose a wallet

In a nutshell, a crypto wallet is a tool that will help you in transacting, eg. minting your first NFT.

There are several popular crypto wallets to choose from including Metamask, Coinbase and WalletConnect. For the purposes of this guide, we will choose Metamask.

Installing Metamask on your browser

1.) Go to https://metamask.io/ and click the Download button on top.

2.) Choose your browser (Chrome/iOS/Android/Firefox/Etc.) and click install Metamask to get redirected to the corresponding browser's app store.

3.) Click on the Add Button (For Chrome/FIrefox) or Install Button (For iOS/Android).

4.) After the Metamask extension/app has been added, Click the Create a Wallet button and follow the steps provided by Metamask.

5.) Once Metamask prompts you with your seed phrase, please take the extra time to make sure you have it written down somewhere and hidden. This seed phrase is the KEY to your wallet and anybody who gains access to your seed phrase will be able to access your wallet and do whatever they want with the funds inside.

6.) That's it! Your crypto wallet is ready to be used! But if you want to be able to mint anything with it, you must first send it tokens. Before that though, you'd want to go through the security checklist and make doubly-sure everything is as guarded as possible.

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