💪Evolving NFTS

This will literally change EVERTHING.

Permanence has always been a part of the current trend of NFTs. But what if the Kyūsen maiden you have evolves after certain major events?

We will be running regular story events within Academy City that will (temporarily) change the look of your NFT within the context of the event. A school civil war may result in a bloody NFT artwork for 4 weeks while an outbreak of Westernitis could make your NFT look like cartoon characters. We also have major events that will permanently tweak your Kyusen Maiden depending on the results of your NFT's simulation, the progression of their personality will definitely affect their appearance.

We are hoping this will generate a lot of excitement within the Kyusen community and keep everyone anticipating what happens to their NFTs next.

Do not worry though, we are planning to provide each holder the stasis function to opt-out of these event in case they want to stick to their NFTs as it is.

Putting your Kyusen Maiden in Stasis

If ever you do not want to participate on any NFT Evolution events, you have the power to put your Kyusen Maiden in Stasis mode where their corresponding artwork will not change.

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