📋Whitelists, Presales, Public Sales and Airdrops

Section 4: Terms and Lingo

it might be overwhelming at first, but these will be fairly basic concepts after reading through this section.

Whitelist/Inner Circle

Whitelists, or The Inner Circle, are a way for the Kyusen team to keep track of potential buyers that will be included in our initial private sale. By participating in many of our activities, you will have the opportunity to be able to be included in the circle and have the benefit of being included in the private sale event. Only Sakura Council Members and Collab Participants are the ones who can get the Inner Circle invitation. The Forefathers are the only ones who can supersede the nomination process for the Inner Circle Passes.

Sakura Council

They are the OGs, they are the ones who have initially helped the project most especially during it's infancy. Sakura Council Members are the candidates for the Inner Circle.

Presale/Private Sale/Private Minting/Genesis Mint

All these terms are the same. A private sale is a limited-quantity event that will be held for people included in our whitelist.

Public Sale/Public Mint/General Sale

This is the sale period for the remaining NFTs that will be up for grabs to EVERYONE.


Our Kyusen Maiden holders will benefit from giveaways that will be sent to their wallets for free as long as they have the Maiden inside their wallet at the time of snapshot.


Whenever we will be doing giveaways, we will take a "snapshot" of everyone who had a Kyusen maiden in their wallet. This snapshot will be our reference on who will be rewarded during airdrop. That means if you only had a Kyusen Maiden AFTER the snapshot takes place, you will NOT be included in the airdrop.

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