🧱Project Pillars

The guiding principles that will define our project


We cannot emphasize enough how much the community will be part of every facet of the project's future. We have the community polling and governance ready after minting and we are so excited to involve the community in a lot of our plans including judging and participating in creative writing contests, art and music competitions and collaborations; We also have the Art Collective in our deliverables so we can give back to the community. Not only will you be a part of steering the project, but will also benefit from the project in big ways.

Experience and Immersion

As an anime-centric NFT project, we aim to celebrate anime as a whole. Part of the reason why we created Academy City is that we wanted a sandbox where we and the community can play around with ideas that are not limited to only NFT artworks.

We have a lot of surprises up our sleeve and the maidens are just the tip of the iceberg.

Realistic Goals

So many NFT projects fall into the trap of overpromising and underdelivering. We enumerate most of our plans in our Idea Incubator page and we encourage the community to give us more ideas. We are still setting a high bar of expectation but it is only fair to the you and the community that every goal is communicated clearly and effectively.

The first major project breakthrough, the Academy City App, is already being developed and will be ready by the time the public mint is opened.

Scalability and Long-Term Support

The roadmap is configured in a way that will provide longevity to the project and will not be an exhausting experience for the members of the community. We believe that the Academy City app will be a pivotal tool in providing additional exciting functionalities to the tokens and solve many scaling issues when the time comes to make the project even more ambitious. The smart contract is also developed in a way that will be modular for future enhancements and long-term cycle of content.

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