🤖Idea Incubator

Collaborating with the community to define the ideas that will shape the future of our project.

Before we formally move these ideas as an official deliverable, we need to outline the feasibility of the idea with regards to development time, budget and most importantly, the relevancy of the idea to our overall goals. Please note that the ideas listed here are not yet committed as a deliverable and therefore subject to being scrapped or postponed until the idea/project/technology is mature enough to be realistically achievable.


Our own kyusen erc-20 crypto coin. Usable on the app to purchase items and on Kyusen arcade to play mini-games and earn even more tokens.

Kyusen Arcade

A sub-section of the Academy City App where users can play bite-sized minigames starring featured maidens or for the case of holders, their maiden.

Metaverse Integration

Integrate the maidens and even the entire Academy City into the metaverse.

  • Due to the current volatility of metaverses, right now it is hard to decide where we want to start. We thought Meta's (Facebook's) metaverse implementation will be the de-facto leader but recent developments make the trend harder to predict.

Academy City Nights

A sub-layer of the Academy City App that simulates crime. Focusing on the efforts of Academy City's Nightwatch, the elite student secret police.

  • This is more of a test on how we can layer in activities within the app's simulation framework to tell concurrent stories.

3D Free Roam Mode for Academy City App

Ideally we want to make Academy City a fully explorable and interactive 3D world where you can take control of your Kyusen Maiden and experience the virtual world through their eyes. This falls more on video game development territory which is an expensive and time-consuming venture, a totally different beast, so to speak.

P2E Game

What if our free roam game becomes a full-on pay-to-earn video game? maybe we can also utilize our tokens here!

App Decentralization

Move the App to the blockchain for full decentralization.


Eventually we will want to transfer management to our community through a DAO, however this needs to be discussed once the structure of the community has been solidified.

Kyusen Jukebox

A 24/7 radio featuring music from our community's aspiring musicians

Merchandise Partnerships

We will partner with popular brands to produce Kyusen x BrandName merch that we can give away to our holders as physical airdrops. Statues, toys, apparel, manga's and animations, the sky is the limit.

Other Top Secret Plans Only the Community Knows About

Please consider joining our Discord so you are up-to-date with our top-secret ideas that are too damn mind-blowing to put here.

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