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ERC721 Standard Tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain
Kyūsen is a research project that aims to close the gap between NFT-as-commodity and digital living things.
Being part of this NFT project means you will be directly contributing towards experiments on how we can create a future with autonomous NFTs.
At the present, we have several experiments being planned out to realize our goals:
  • The Academy City App where all minted NFTs will be simulated on a 24-hour basis.
  • During simulations, there will be regular autonomous and guided decision making where your NFT's personality will dictate their simulated activities on the app. It is entirely up to you as a holder if you want to help shape the NFT you are managing.
  • The NFTs will be evolving — This means that NFT artworks will be regularly transformed for limited periods of time for the duration of story events. The decisions and relationships your NFT makes during simulation will affect how they will look and behave after major story events.
  • Integrations with future collections — As we roll out more collections in the future, the unique NFT(s) you are holding will have unique functions with these future NFTs.
  • Future-proofing for all succeeding collections — Holders will be regularly and generously rewarded with awesome airdropped NFTs, some of which are usable on the app. Being a holder also means you have the absolute right to be automatically part of ALL future whitelists.
  • Profit and Equity Sharing — It is too early to give details at the moment as the project is still in it's infancy, but as investors, holders will be sharing profits derived from revenue opportunities of the project.
  • Depending on the success of the project and where the metaverse market heads towards, we are evaluating our options on potentially deploying the living NFTs into the metaverse. The best-case scenario is we migrate the entire Academy City into it's own metaverse.