🔐Security Checklist

Section 2: Guarding and protecting your asset

We've listed a few common procedures and routines that you should always exercise not just with your wallet, but your entire browsing experience.

Never share your seed phrase

Store it somewhere safe enough that you can recover it but private enough that only YOU will have access to it. Write it on a piece of paper if possible. That seed phrase is the access to your wallet and therefore anybody has is able to get it will be able to gain access to the funds inside your wallet. Remember that the Kyusen Team will NEVER ask for your seed phrase.

Never ever verify or validate any transactions without knowing exactly what it is.

A common scam are websites prompting your wallet to log in and maliciously sending you authorization requests to transfer funds. Read the request details carefully if it is something that you are expecting or aware of.

Another common scam are phishing schemes where scammers send links en masse to entire groups of people hoping a few of them will be absent-minded enough to click it. A lot of things can be stolen from you once you enter that phishing website including your IP Address (your basic internet identity) and information like your accesses and your wallet. Remember that once a hacker is able to gain entry in one of your accounts, the risk of being able to access the rest of your accounts will be exponentially higher (not to mention instances where they will be able to impersonate you and scam your friends as well).

Turn off your DMs

Discord gives you the option to block Direct Messages coming from a members of a discord channel. Remember that the Kyusen Team will never DM you and anybody DMing you claiming to be us are scammers. To turn off your DMs, right click the Kyusen Server Icon and click Privacy Settings > Turn Off Allow direct messages from server members

Finishing Up

Follow these steps and you should be able to guard yourself from scammers and hackers. Once you are able to check these security routines, you should be ready to load your wallet with funds. See you in the next section!

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