📜Smart Contract

We will update this page again once we deploy the smart contract on the Ethereum Blockchain.


  • Evolving NFT Artworks — The smart contract includes functions to accommodate metadata updates for the evolution mechanism. Click here for more details.

  • Stasis Function — If ever you do not want to participate on any NFT Evolution events, you have the power to put your Kyusen Maiden in Stasis mode where their corresponding artwork will not change.

  • Merkle Whitelist — Just like with other modern smart contracts, we are utilizing Merkle roots for our white lists for better efficiency.

  • 999 Genesis Edition NFTs — The first minting will have a mint limit of 999 that you can choose from a pool of 9000 available maidens. The remaining 8001 NFTs will be locked or burned depending on the outcome of the minting.

  • Direct to Contract Mint — You will be able to use directly mint straight from Etherscan if you choose when you have a target NFT ID in mind.


  • Modularity — We have a special function within the smart contract to add authorized proxies. This means if we or the community wishes to develop modular smart contracts that connect to the Kyusen smart contract, they will be able to save on gas fees.

  • Batch Minting Optimizations — We are deploying a modified mint function so that we will be able to save on gas fees when you mint 2 or more NFTs within a single transaction.

  • Choose Your Own NFT To provide further transparency to everyone, the project has moved towards a choose-your-own minting policy. That means we will no longer have batch minting within the smart contract since anybody will be able to freely select their own NFTs in any order.

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