We have listed here the outline of milestones within the immediate future. To stay true to our pillar of staying within realistic goals, we will only add sections here once an idea has been fully planned.

If you would like to see the pool of ideas that we and the community are cooking up, please refer to the Idea Incubator page.

Whitelist Genesis Minting

The first Kyusen Maidens will be minted during a private whitelist sale. The great thing about the Whitelist Mint is that it will be held in batches where whitelisted users can opt-in on a date of their convenience. No fighting over limited supplies, Ensured NFTs for whitelisted VIPs over the span of a scheduled period of time by the community's choosing and everybody on the whitelist will have their minting guaranteed.

Artwork Reveal

The NFT Artworks for each maiden will be revealed in real-time a few minutes after it is minted.

Since the project is moving forward with a Choose-Your-Own mint process, all artworks will be revealed ahead of time so everyone has 100% confidence on the artwork they will be receiving.

Second Batch Minting and Academy City App Beta Launch

A Second Batch Minting for the remaining Kyusen Maidens will be announced a while after the genesis mint. Also, the launch of the Academy City App Alpha will be on the same day as the genesis mint, ready to be previewed by all holders. That means those who have claimed their Maidens during the intial sale will be able to check their Kyusen Maiden's virtual activities on the app and share it on their social media accounts.

First Story Event and Evolution Signal

After launching the app, we will begin announcing the schedule of the first story event which will broadcast an evolution signal to all Kyusen Maiden holders. Those who wish to put their Kyusen maidens in stasis will have ample opportunity to do so. We expect that the first story event will last for 2 weeks.

First Community Airdrop

We are going to be airdropping NFTs to our holders and these exclusive NFTs will be usable within the app.

Simulation 2.0

This will be the next evolution of Academy City App, more functionalities, graphical improvements, simulation complexity, more events and NFT information granularity.

Tales from Kyusen

Lore and world-building is an integral part of the Kyusen Experience. Thus, we will be holding regular writing competitions with prizes to reward our community and at the same time, help shape the world of Kyusen.

Art Collective

We are going to launch a function within the app to showcase the community's creativity in artworks, music and anything that celebrates Kyusen and our love for anime. We have set aside a grant from the funding that we will raise; Which will be provided to the gifted members of our community so they can further develop their skills and talents.

2nd Collection Announcement

Everybody's asking "WHERE ARE ALL THE DUDES?!?". Just sayin', folks, the reveal to that question will definitely blow your mind.

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